Legend by P.J. Proby

Legend mp3 album by P.J. Proby

Released: September 4, 2009
Runtime: 44:56
Label: One Up
Download: Legend
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Track List:

Overture/Im Coming Back (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:43 min
Yesterday Has Gone (Marc Almond).mp3  4:28 min
Pain In Your Heart (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:50 min
Devil In Red Velvet (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:09 min
If I Can Dream (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:09 min
Rainbow Road (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:30 min
Child Of Clay (P.J. Proby).mp3  4:29 min
Dont (P.J. Proby).mp3  2:55 min
If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (P.J. Proby).mp3  2:53 min
Crawling Back (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:14 min
Suburban Opera (P.J. Proby).mp3  6:17 min
When (P.J. Proby).mp3  3:19 min...

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15 Exitos Vol. 1