Back to the 80s Vol. 2

Back to the 80s Vol. 2 by Various artists

Back to the 80s Vol. 2 mp3 album by Various artists

Released: July 24, 2012
Runtime: 1:32:39
Label: Adapta
Download: Back to the 80s Vol. 2
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Track List:

Paris Latino (Caballero).mp3  3:55 min
Girls Got a Brand New Toy (Patrick Miller).mp3  3:22 min
You Re My Heart Youre My Soul (Ice Band).mp3  3:48 min
Menergy (Paul Waterman).mp3  4:00 min
Monkey Chop (Dinamic Disco).mp3  4:20 min
Wot (John Major).mp3  3:41 min
You Came (Linda McGee).mp3  3:05 min
Smalltown Boy (Mark Melody).mp3  3:43 min
Amoureaux Solitaire (Clarisse Larouge).mp3  3:27 min
City Lights (Steve Cross).mp3  3:43 min
Never Gonna Give You Up (Phil Harvey).mp3  3:30 min
Such a Shame (Tick Tock).mp3  3:53 min
Fotonovela (Lee Newman).mp3  3:38 min
Tarzan Boy (Jack Adams).mp3  3:46 min
My Sharona (Task Force).mp3  4:21 min
Im Not Scared (Jackie Johnson).mp3  3:29 min
I Love to Love (Daisy Lee).mp3  3:11 min
Self Control (Far).mp3  4:17 min
Broken Land (Exodux).mp3  4:20 min
Who Can It Be Love (Ray Bennett).mp3  3:19 min
Dance All Days (John Red).mp3  3:03 min
Life Is Life (Raynold Mann).mp3  4:16 min
The Look (The Stewarts).mp3  3:43 min
Heart of Glass (Brunette Glass).mp3  3:04 min
What a Feeling (Norma Fisher).mp3  3:45 min...

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