A Long Way to Go

A Long Way to Go by The Bad Little Big Band

A Long Way to Go mp3 album by The Bad Little Big Band

Released: February 17, 2009
Runtime: 47:35
Label: Morningside Music
Download: A Long Way to Go
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Track List:

Love Walked In.mp3  2:23 min
Long Ago and Far Away.mp3  2:43 min
Can You Read My Mind.mp3  5:14 min
More Than You Know.mp3  5:02 min
Sweet and Lovely.mp3  3:01 min
Never Never Land.mp3  5:15 min
Blue Skies.mp3  3:03 min
A Long Way to Go.mp3  5:28 min
Lets Fall in Love.mp3  3:35 min
Ill Close My Eyes.mp3  4:18 min
How Little We Know.mp3  3:02 min
On a More Samba Note.mp3  4:31 min...

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