Japanese Boy (DJ Tools Edition)

Japanese Boy (DJ Tools Edition) by F.U.N.O.

Japanese Boy (DJ Tools Edition) mp3 album by F.U.N.O.

Runtime: 1:07:18
Label: Rhythm lab
Download: Japanese Boy (DJ Tools Edition)
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Track List:

Japanese Boy.mp3  6:42 min
Japanese Boy (Instrumental With Choir).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (International Version).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Acapella).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Full Beat).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Bass).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Pad).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Arp E Seq).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Lead e Riff).mp3  6:44 min
Japanese Boy (Efx).mp3  6:44 min...

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