The Barbers Blues

The Barbers Blues by Chuck Carbo

The Barbers Blues mp3 album by Chuck Carbo

Released: June 21, 2011
Runtime: 43:33
Label: New Rounder
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Track List:

Hey, Mardi Gras! (Here I Am).mp3  4:10 min
Id Rather Beg.mp3  4:33 min
Blues Medley: Hootie Blues/Everyday I Have The Blues.mp3  5:38 min
The Very Thought of You.mp3  3:29 min
The Barbers Blues.mp3  2:53 min
Black Widow.mp3  4:27 min
Too Many Goodbyes.mp3  3:47 min
A World I Never Made.mp3  4:20 min
Dont Boogie With Your Black Drawers Off.mp3  5:04 min
Promises.mp3  5:12 min...

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