Mirza Sikandar Ali – Karbalawale

Mirza Sikandar Ali - Karbalawale by Mirza Sikander Ali

Mirza Sikandar Ali - Karbalawale mp3 album by Mirza Sikander Ali

Released: April 12, 2000
Runtime: 41:17
Label: Saregama
Download: Mirza Sikandar Ali - Karbalawale
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Track List:

Yeh Hama Re Dil (Muslim Devotional).mp3  8:14 min
Koye Aisha Mujahed (Muslim Devotional).mp3  8:22 min
Naizoah-Mean Shbabeah (Muslim Devotional).mp3  4:47 min
Yeh Dajhtay Weh Smat (Muslim Devotional).mp3  7:34 min
Dil Bande Janab-E (Muslim Devotional).mp3  7:14 min
Dard Angez Yeh Kahani (Muslim Devotional).mp3  5:06 min...

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