Golden Voice of Habel Kifoto & Maroon Commandos

Golden Voice of Habel Kifoto & Maroon Commandos by Habel Kifoto

Golden Voice of Habel Kifoto & Maroon Commandos mp3 album by Habel Kifoto

Released: June 14, 2012
Runtime: 1:02:22
Label: TCK Records
Download: Golden Voice of Habel Kifoto & Maroon Commandos
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Track List:

Ni Wapo (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  9:31 min
Hasira Ni Hasara (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  8:20 min
Charonyi Ni Wasi (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  9:05 min
Uvivu Mbaya (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  9:34 min
Christina (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  8:37 min
Riziki (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  9:14 min
Waona Kijicho (Habel Kifoto, Maroon Commandos).mp3  8:01 min...

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