Kora by Djelimoussa Cissoko

Kora mp3 album by Djelimoussa Cissoko

Released: December 2, 1998
Runtime: 58:24
Label: cinq plan
Download: Kora
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Track List:

Ladiaba.mp3  6:47 min
Lontanga.mp3  7:15 min
Djeliya.mp3  6:18 min
Mousso Teke Sonaye.mp3  7:19 min
Nyabaga.mp3  5:32 min
Kourtoukelefa.mp3  6:37 min
Moridjo.mp3  7:42 min
Djoroyo.mp3  5:25 min
Soli.mp3  5:29 min...

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