Lyrically Speaking [Explicit]

Lyrically Speaking [Explicit] by Lyrical

Lyrically Speaking [Explicit] mp3 album by Lyrical

Released: February, 2013
Runtime: 1:04:37
Label: Urban Music Group LLC
Download: Lyrically Speaking [Explicit]
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Track List:

Unleashed [Explicit] (Lyrical & Patrice Jones).mp3  3:53 min
Aganee [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  4:00 min
Make Me Shine [Explicit] (Lyrical & Tre S.O.L.).mp3  3:24 min
Undercover Freaks [Explicit] (Lyrical & Mcgale K & Holiday Martin).mp3  3:14 min
Ghetto Princess [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  4:28 min
Gettin Head [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  4:03 min
The Players Club [Explicit] (Lyrical & Claude Lewis).mp3  3:13 min
Make It Better [Explicit] (Lyrical & Tre S.O.L.).mp3  3:46 min
If It Aint One Thing Its Another [Explicit] (Lyrical & Mark Jones & Reg).mp3  4:08 min
Driftin On a Memory [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  3:45 min
Shake Baby [Explicit] (Lyrical & Mark Jones).mp3  3:28 min
Best Friend [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  4:01 min
One Night Stand [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  4:25 min
We Poppin Bottles [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  2:56 min
You a Gangster? [Explicit] (Lyrical & Mark Jones & Reg).mp3  4:14 min
Make It Better (Remix) [Explicit] (Lyrical & Tre S.O.L.).mp3  4:10 min
An MCs Prayer [Explicit] (Lyrical).mp3  3:29 min...

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