Big Red `57

Big Red `57 by Rip Masters

Big Red `57 mp3 album by Rip Masters

Released: 2009
Runtime: 54:00
Label: TMS
Download: Big Red `57
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Track List:

Rockabilly Man.mp3  2:58 min
Big Red `57.mp3  2:50 min
Trouble Is Her Name.mp3  3:20 min
Hey Hey Little Girl.mp3  3:51 min
Now And Then.mp3  5:15 min
Ramshackle Shack.mp3  3:40 min
Back To Louisiana.mp3  3:18 min
Dont You Dog This Cat.mp3  3:14 min
Two Kinds Of Money.mp3  2:54 min
Swanee Boogie.mp3  4:25 min
Thats The Way I Feel.mp3  2:51 min
Hot Rod Mama.mp3  3:42 min
Got A Lot Of Livin To Do.mp3  3:46 min
88 Friends.mp3  3:12 min
Country Stride.mp3  4:44 min...

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