Ten Tales of the North

Ten Tales of the North by P.D. Brown

Ten Tales of the North mp3 album by P.D. Brown

Released: June, 2009

Label: P.D. Brown
Download: Ten Tales of the North
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Track List:

Fire and Ice.mp3  1:26 min
The Creation.mp3  8:35 min
The War in Heaven.mp3  9:06 min
The Binding of Fenrir.mp3  10:44 min
Thors Journey to Utgarth.mp3  15:55 min
The Abduction of Ithunn.mp3  12:20 min
Skirnirs Journey.mp3  9:07 min
The Lay of Hymir.mp3  10:22 min
The Death of Balder.mp3  13:45 min
Lokis Flyting.mp3  14:40 min
The Ragnarok.mp3  17:07 min...

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