African Classics

African Classics by Amampondo

African Classics mp3 album by Amampondo

Released: 2008
Runtime: 1:17:11
Label: Sheer Sound
Download: African Classics
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Track List:

Woza.mp3  4:39 min
Tere Tere.mp3  4:17 min
Song for Fela.mp3  6:59 min
Cumbelele (Childrens Game).mp3  6:14 min
Inkosi Yamampondo.mp3  5:35 min
Kudu Junction.mp3  5:35 min
Amapheyile.mp3  5:21 min
Mpondomse.mp3  1:24 min
Itshintsh Ikhona.mp3  4:49 min
Drums for Tomorrow.mp3  7:15 min
Collective for changuito.mp3  7:25 min
Emva Ekhaya.mp3  3:06 min
Ingoxoxo (Conversation).mp3  4:43 min
Gumboot Dance.mp3  1:02 min
Skhal Abantwana (The Children are Crying).mp3  8:47 min...

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