Stitches & Cover Ups

Stitches & Cover Ups by Dead When I Found Her

Stitches & Cover Ups mp3 album by Dead When I Found Her

Released: October 9, 2012
Runtime: 1:14:16
Label: Artoffact Records
Download: Stitches & Cover Ups
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Track List:

Rain Machine (Acretongue Remix).mp3  5:29 min
Lesser Light (Anklebiter Remix).mp3  5:12 min
Better Days (Chrysalide Remix).mp3  4:23 min
Rain Machine (Clearsignals Remix).mp3  6:46 min
Lesser Light (?aimon Remix).mp3  6:59 min
Better Days (Kalte Farben Remix).mp3  4:42 min
Worlds Apart.mp3  7:24 min
Underbelly.mp3  7:36 min
Kill To Cure.mp3  5:00 min
Down In It.mp3  7:44 min
In The Air Tonight.mp3  6:17 min
Anchors.mp3  6:44 min...

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