E.T, Vol. 1 [Explicit]

E.T, Vol. 1 [Explicit] by Krazy Mic

E.T, Vol. 1 [Explicit] mp3 album by Krazy Mic

Released: August 5, 2013
Runtime: 25:52
Label: Krazy Mic
Download: E.T, Vol. 1 [Explicit]
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Track List:

Do Sumpin (feat. K Love) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  2:24 min
Lo Jack (feat. Baby Boy) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  1:56 min
Tampa Boys / Dallas Cats (feat. Big Dank King & Mr Lomacc) (Krazy Mic).mp3  2:32 min
Krazy Times [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  2:24 min
My Life (feat. 3 1) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  2:32 min
Evil Thoughts [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  2:36 min
We Chillin (feat. 3 1) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  3:04 min
Come On Gurl (feat. Big Dank King, Repo Man & Prophet) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  3:16 min
Young Girls (feat. Mr.goodie) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic).mp3  2:28 min
Fat Booty in Dem Jeans (feat. Big Dank King & Dewann) [Explicit] (Krazy Mic & D.T.R).mp3  2:40 min...

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