Twin Headed Monster

Twin Headed Monster by Psymmetrix

Twin Headed Monster mp3 album by Psymmetrix

Runtime: 1:10:18
Label: Bom Shanka Music
Download: Twin Headed Monster
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Track List:

The Tadpole.mp3  7:16 min
Nil by Nostril.mp3  7:10 min
Smack my pitch up.mp3  6:15 min
Frequency Derangement.mp3  6:19 min
Polar Shift.mp3  7:07 min
Split the Difference.mp3  6:52 min
Not Written Yet.mp3  6:04 min
Walk through the forest.mp3  6:43 min
Fuck Chill Out.mp3  6:51 min
Have some of that.mp3  9:41 min...

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