On Location

On Location by C.O.P.S.

On Location mp3 album by C.O.P.S.

Runtime: 1:03:24
Label: 2Peace Records
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Track List:

Busta Ass Niggas (Fly High) [Explicit].mp3  5:56 min
Loc N Up [Explicit].mp3  4:07 min
West Coast Swang [Explicit].mp3  5:31 min
Livin N Stockton (209) [Explicit].mp3  3:06 min
DollaMeal [Explicit].mp3  4:20 min
Pack Ya Straps [Explicit].mp3  4:41 min
High Siden (Remix) [Explicit].mp3  3:44 min
****in With A Criminal [Explicit].mp3  1:59 min
How A Gangsta Do It [Explicit].mp3  4:36 min
Deep N Side [Explicit].mp3  4:48 min
Motel 6room9 [Explicit].mp3  3:51 min
Dank Call [Explicit].mp3  3:50 min
Where The Hoes At [Explicit].mp3  5:15 min
Criminal (Outro) [Explicit].mp3  7:40 min...

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