Positively Inclined / The Way We Lived – EP

Positively Inclined / The Way We Lived - EP by Wax Tailor

Positively Inclined / The Way We Lived - EP mp3 album by Wax Tailor

Released: August 21, 2012
Runtime: 23:01
Label: Le Plan / LabOratoire
Download: Positively Inclined / The Way We Lived - EP
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Track List:

Positively Inclined (feat. Marina Quaisse & A.S.M.).mp3  3:41 min
The Way We Lived (feat. Sharon Jones).mp3  3:43 min
Positively Inclined (feat. Marina Quaisse & A.S.M.) [Novel Yom Remix].mp3  3:40 min
The Way We Lived (feat. Sharon Jones) [Benji Remix].mp3  3:52 min
Positively Inclined (feat. Marina Quaisse & A.S.M.) [Berry Weight Remix].mp3  4:26 min
The Way We Lived (Instrumental).mp3  3:39 min...

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