House Of Music EP

House Of Music EP by Midicult

House Of Music EP mp3 album by Midicult

Released: September 19, 2011
Runtime: 1:02:06
Label: 22 Digit Records
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Track List:

Bathtub Gin (Original Mix).mp3  6:54 min
Suntrap (Original Mix).mp3  8:20 min
Amaranth (Original Mix).mp3  8:53 min
Wooden Collar Paper Tie (Original Mix).mp3  8:53 min
Wooden Collar Paper Tie (Melos & Kyber Remix).mp3  8:07 min
Wooden Collar Paper Tie (Groovik Remix).mp3  7:12 min
Wooden Collar Paper Tie (Pete Weasel Remix).mp3  7:31 min
Wooden Collar Paper Tie (People Get Real Remix).mp3  6:16 min...

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