Live at the Salzfass in Brugg

Live at the Salzfass in Brugg by Twobones 2007

Live at the Salzfass in Brugg mp3 album by Twobones 2007

Released: May 18, 2009

Label: TCB - The Montreux Jazz Label?
Download: Live at the Salzfass in Brugg
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Track List:

Groovin Bones.mp3  8:46 min
Expupident.mp3  7:31 min
Jitterbug Walz.mp3  9:26 min
Out Of Nowhere.mp3  7:22 min
Watermelon Man.mp3  6:35 min
Love Is Here To Stay.mp3  6:13 min
I Love You.mp3  5:50 min
Pennies From Heaven.mp3  7:12 min
The Days Of Wine And Roses.mp3  5:59 min...

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