Hand On the Plow

Hand On the Plow by Rachel Eddy

Hand On the Plow mp3 album by Rachel Eddy

Released: December 10, 2008
Runtime: 45:47
Label: Rachel Eddy
Download: Hand On the Plow
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Track List:

Red Rocking Chair.mp3  2:42 min
Two Sisters.mp3  3:45 min
Shag Poke.mp3  3:16 min
Gospel Plow.mp3  3:28 min
Valley Forge.mp3  2:48 min
Blue Diamond Mines.mp3  4:41 min
Jerusalem Ridge.mp3  3:44 min
Mannington #9.mp3  3:35 min
Down the Road.mp3  3:26 min
Sarah Armstrong.mp3  2:29 min
Elk River Blues.mp3  4:20 min
Pre-Hidden Track Silence.mp3  1:23 min
Greasy Coat.mp3  6:10 min...

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