Im Ready (Deluxe Version)

Im Ready (Deluxe Version) by Kaysha

Im Ready (Deluxe Version) mp3 album by Kaysha

Runtime: 1:00:35
Label: Sushiraw Ultra Digital
Download: Im Ready (Deluxe Version)
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Track List:

Im Ready (Introduction).mp3  1:17 min
Telephone (feat. Jean-Michel Rotin).mp3  5:45 min
Bounce Baby (feat. Mike Giorgi).mp3  4:04 min
Black Sea.mp3  5:05 min
Mistakes (feat. Mike Giorgi, Rokhenza, Tanya St Val).mp3  4:12 min
Im Ready (feat. Alexandra Juniel).mp3  3:57 min
Dont Wake Me Up (feat. Lynnsha).mp3  4:22 min
Love Someone (feat. Jean-Michel Rotin, Mike Giorgi).mp3  4:57 min
Everyday (feat. Nichols, Ali Angel, Lynnsha).mp3  4:13 min
Dancin Dancin (feat. Jean-Michel Rotin, Tanya St Val).mp3  4:11 min
Around Da Globo (feat. Mike Giorgi, Rokhenza, Jean-Michel Rotin).mp3  4:52 min
Outro... Until the Next Experience.mp3  2:22 min
Black Sea of Love (feat. Kyllian) [Bonus Track - Remastered Version].mp3  3:57 min
Kinshasa B.boy (feat. Lynnsha) [Bonus Track - Remasted Version].mp3  7:21 min...

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