Jokers & Rogues

Jokers & Rogues by Bram Taylor

Jokers & Rogues mp3 album by Bram Taylor

Released: 2012
Runtime: 57:46
Label: Fellside Recordings Ltd
Download: Jokers & Rogues
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Track List:

No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues.mp3  3:52 min
No Ladders That Tall.mp3  4:44 min
Windy Harbour.mp3  3:35 min
Foundrymans Daughter.mp3  4:10 min
Rosemarys Sister.mp3  4:45 min
Sing.mp3  3:58 min
Sail On By.mp3  5:17 min
Peggy Gordon.mp3  3:37 min
Whats the Use of Wings.mp3  3:25 min
Weather the Storm.mp3  3:53 min
Heart of England.mp3  4:33 min
The Water is Wide.mp3  4:11 min
I Shall Be Released.mp3  3:38 min
The Goodnight Song.mp3  4:08 min...

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