Sorcery & Seduction

Sorcery & Seduction by Laure Meloy

Sorcery & Seduction mp3 album by Laure Meloy

Released: March 17, 2012
Runtime: 1:00:00
Label: Laure Meloy
Download: Sorcery & Seduction
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Track List:

Lincoronazione Di Poppea: Pur Ti Miro (Laure Meloy, Christopher Gould & David Sheppard).mp3  5:08 min
Die Zauberflöte: Der Hölle Rache (Laure Meloy & Christopher Gould).mp3  3:00 min
Cosi Fan Tutte: Come Scoglio (Laure Meloy & Christopher Gould).mp3  5:46 min
Rigoletto: Caro Nome (Laure Meloy & Christopher Gould).mp3  5:11 min
Rigoletto: Tutte Le Feste Al Tempio...solo Per Me Linfamia (Laure Meloy, Simon Thorpe & Christopher Gould).mp3  11:22 min
Lucia Di Lammermoor: Il Dolce Suono (Mad Scene) (Laure Meloy, Christopher Gould & Ian Bradford).mp3  11:18 min
La Traviata: Pura Siccome Un Angelo...non Sapete (Laure Meloy, Christopher Gould & Simon Thorpe).mp3  15:15 min
Les Comptes Dhoffmann: Belle Nuit, Ô Nuit Damour (Laure Meloy, David Sheppard & Christopher Gould).mp3  3:00 min...

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