Everything Is Different

Everything Is Different by Shane & Shane

Everything Is Different mp3 album by Shane & Shane

Released: November 3, 2009
Runtime: 1:06:12
Label: Well House Records
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Track List:

Everything Is Different.mp3  4:27 min
The Lords Prayer.mp3  3:35 min
Worthy Of Affection.mp3  5:39 min
Great Reward.mp3  3:36 min
Im Alive.mp3  4:35 min
My Portion (Ps 73).mp3  6:19 min
You Say, Im Rich.mp3  3:34 min
For The Good.mp3  4:12 min
Rain Down.mp3  3:27 min
This Is Who I Am.mp3  4:50 min
Turn Down The Music.mp3  5:07 min
My Hope Is Built (Radio Edit).mp3  3:56 min
Everything Is Different (Radio Edit).mp3  4:24 min
Im Alive (Radio Edit).mp3  4:27 min
Rain Down (Radio Edit).mp3  4:04 min...

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