Command Performance 3 & 4

Command Performance 3 & 4 by US Air Force Band Of The Golden Gate

Command Performance 3 & 4 mp3 album by US Air Force Band Of The Golden Gate

Released: April 6, 2009
Runtime: 1:03:48
Label: Altissimo!
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Track List:

Galop.mp3  1:46 min
Fanfare and Allegro.mp3  6:26 min
Invocation of Albrecht.mp3  5:33 min
Sarabande and Polka.mp3  5:26 min
Games in the Circus Maximus (Feste Romane).mp3  1:25 min
The Jubilee (Feste Romane).mp3  3:01 min
The October Festival (Feste Romane).mp3  11:25 min
The Epiphany (Feste Romane).mp3  2:02 min
Pride of the Wolverines.mp3  3:29 min
La Forza Del Destino.mp3  8:08 min
The Great Lover (Three Dance Episodes).mp3  1:50 min
Lonely Town (Three Dance Episodes).mp3  2:55 min
Times Square (Three Dance Episodes).mp3  5:20 min
Piccolo Espagnol.mp3  5:02 min...

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