Stronger Beats

Stronger Beats by Dj Sounds

Stronger Beats mp3 album by Dj Sounds

Released: July 4, 2012
Runtime: 1:16:42
Label: Bass Sounds Records
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Track List:

Do What You Do (Original Mix).mp3  6:09 min
Stronger Beats (Original Mix).mp3  5:17 min
Shake That (Original Mix).mp3  6:03 min
Falling Circuit (Original Mix).mp3  6:24 min
Electrically Forward (Original Mix).mp3  7:01 min
Beats Away.mp3  6:23 min
On the Floor.mp3  6:38 min
Mindcrime (Original Mix).mp3  6:01 min
My Pocket (Original Mix).mp3  7:12 min
Tape Me (Original Mix).mp3  5:13 min
Returning.mp3  6:58 min
Memory (Original Mix).mp3  7:23 min...

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