Proud Youth: 1986-1991 [Explicit]

Proud Youth: 1986-1991 [Explicit] by Insted

Proud Youth: 1986-1991 [Explicit] mp3 album by Insted

Released: April 20, 2004
Runtime: 1:15:27
Label: Indecision Records
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Track List:

One World [Explicit].mp3  1:46 min
For The First Time [Explicit].mp3  1:24 min
Better Days [Explicit].mp3  2:06 min
Not For Me [Explicit].mp3  2:00 min
Voice Your Opinion [Explicit].mp3  2:04 min
Blind [Explicit].mp3  1:29 min
Give Thanks [Explicit].mp3  1:40 min
What Is True [Explicit].mp3  1:16 min
No Rules [Explicit].mp3  1:57 min
Age [Explicit].mp3  1:42 min
Maybe Tomorrow [Explicit].mp3  1:32 min
Seize Life [Explicit].mp3  2:03 min
No Other Way [Explicit].mp3  1:51 min
Reminder [Explicit].mp3  1:34 min
From The Start [Explicit].mp3  2:10 min
Theres Nothing Like It [Explicit].mp3  2:03 min
Get The Most [Explicit].mp3  1:40 min
Feel Their Pain [Explicit].mp3  1:57 min
I Will Try [Explicit].mp3  1:48 min
Well Make The Difference [Explicit].mp3  2:17 min
Get The Most (Alternate Version) [Explicit].mp3  1:36 min
The Challenge [Explicit].mp3  1:11 min
Tell Me [Explicit].mp3  1:57 min
United [Explicit].mp3  1:35 min
Good Things [Explicit].mp3  1:39 min
Choose For Yourself [Explicit].mp3  1:08 min
Face To Face [Explicit].mp3  1:31 min
Standing Still [Explicit].mp3  1:39 min
Live And Let Live [Explicit].mp3  2:34 min
Time To Change [Explicit].mp3  1:47 min
Faith [Explicit].mp3  1:48 min
Be Something [Explicit].mp3  1:11 min
At Last [Explicit].mp3  1:26 min
State Of Confusion [Explicit].mp3  1:24 min
Proud Youth [Explicit].mp3  1:54 min
Be Someone (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:13 min
Choose For Yourself (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:06 min
Good Things (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:40 min
Time To Change (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:50 min
United (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:34 min
Proud Youth (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  2:04 min
Keep Right (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:27 min
Faith (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  2:34 min
State Of Confusion (Demo) [Explicit].mp3  1:20 min...

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