Disciples Ghost [Explicit]

Disciples Ghost [Explicit] by Disciple

Disciples Ghost [Explicit] mp3 album by Disciple

Released: May 11, 2004
Runtime: 1:19:29
Label: Disciple
Download: Disciples Ghost [Explicit]
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Track List:

Intro (Anthem) (Disciple, Gabriel Saint).mp3  2:52 min
Lost Feelings (Disciple).mp3  3:46 min
Visions (Disciple).mp3  3:31 min
No Way Down (Disciple).mp3  6:31 min
Broken (Disciple).mp3  4:08 min
Alive (Featuring Gabriel Saint) (Disciple/Gabriel Saint).mp3  5:28 min
The Great Escape (Disciple).mp3  1:56 min
Brittle-Minded (Disciple).mp3  3:26 min
My Dark Side (Disciple).mp3  4:31 min
Blood War (Featuring C. Gasho) (Disciple/C.Gasho).mp3  2:31 min
Dawn of the Piano (Disciple).mp3  5:06 min
Losing Face (Featuring C. Gasho) (Disciple/C.Gasho).mp3  7:33 min
Uncrossed (Featuring Tranquil) (Disciple/Tranquil).mp3  6:02 min
You Make Believe (Disciple).mp3  6:49 min
Tossed Out (Featuring Hurston) (Disciple/Hurston).mp3  5:32 min
Nonsense (Featuring Gabriel Saint) (Disciple/Gabriel Saint).mp3  4:17 min
The End of the Beginning (Disciple).mp3  5:30 min...

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