Easy Wonderful (Deluxe Version)

Easy Wonderful (Deluxe Version) by Guster

Easy Wonderful (Deluxe Version) mp3 album by Guster

Released: October 5, 2010
Runtime: 50:49
Label: Aware Entertainment Inc/Universal Republic Records
Download: Easy Wonderful (Deluxe Version)
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Track List:

Architects & Engineers.mp3  2:55 min
Do You Love Me.mp3  3:40 min
On The Ocean.mp3  4:23 min
This Could All Be Yours.mp3  3:32 min
Stay With Me Jesus.mp3  3:02 min
Bad Bad World.mp3  4:30 min
This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart.mp3  3:23 min
What You Call Love.mp3  3:37 min
Thats No Way To Get To Heaven.mp3  2:16 min
Jesus & Mary.mp3  3:30 min
Hercules.mp3  2:52 min
Do What You Want.mp3  3:55 min
Well.mp3  2:38 min
Jonah.mp3  3:23 min
Lost At Sea.mp3  3:13 min
Digital Booklet: Easy Wonderful.mp3  n/a min...

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