Aoom by Cosmic Circle of Friends

Aoom mp3 album by Cosmic Circle of Friends

Released: May 31, 2010
Runtime: 59:58
Label: Cosmusic
Download: Aoom
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Track List:

Still playing for you (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Amano Manish).mp3  7:13 min
Postcard from paradise (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Zhubin Kalhor).mp3  7:31 min
Asian Winds (Cosmic Circle of Friends).mp3  7:43 min
Dragonvoice (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Pt.Hindraj Divekar & Rudra Veena).mp3  5:24 min
Sri groove (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Amano Manish).mp3  8:17 min
Postcard from Shangri La (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Hariprasad Chaurasia & Indian Bombay Studio Orchestra).mp3  9:30 min
Al Chemia (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Zhubin Kalhor).mp3  4:56 min
Innernet News (Cosmic Circle of Friends).mp3  2:44 min
Gamelan (Cosmic Circle of Friends).mp3  1:57 min
Exit (Cosmic Circle of Friends feat. Semant).mp3  4:43 min...

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