Trasna Na dTonnta

Trasna Na dTonnta by John Gannon

Trasna Na dTonnta mp3 album by John Gannon

Released: July 3, 2011
Runtime: 48:08
Label: tgg003
Download: Trasna Na dTonnta
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Track List:

The Green Mountain/Gan Ainm (reels) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:56 min
The Rambler/What Would you do if the Kettle boiled Over? (jigs) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:23 min
The Stack of Barley/Johnny will you Marry Me? (flings) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:32 min
Last Nights Fun/The Bucks of Oranmore (reels) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:41 min
Tógfaidh Mé Mo Sheolta (Song) (Maureen Creighan).mp3  3:52 min
The Humours of Glendart/Orange Rogue (jigs) (John Gannon & Colm Gannon).mp3  3:14 min
Galway Bay/Trasna Na Dtonnta (waltzes) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:47 min
Sally Gardens/The Drunken Landlady (reels) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  4:34 min
Cuaichín Ghleann Neifin (Song) (Maureen Creighan).mp3  3:59 min
The Cavan reel/Lough Mountain (reels) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:16 min
The Auld Stack of Wheat/The Killavil (flings) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:31 min
Junior Crehans/Hardimans Fancy (jigs) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:33 min
Devaneys Goat/The Dairy Maid (reels) (John Gannon, Colm Gannon & John Blake).mp3  3:50 min...

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