Kassav No. 3

Kassav No. 3 by Kassav

Kassav No. 3 mp3 album by Kassav

Runtime: 56:03
Label: Hibiscus records
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Track List:

Eva.mp3  4:30 min
Bolero.mp3  5:16 min
Neg mawon.mp3  5:11 min
Lajen an moin an.mp3  6:13 min
Pey an moin.mp3  3:41 min
Nocturne.mp3  1:53 min
Sans focĂ©.mp3  4:26 min
KalkilĂ©.mp3  3:41 min
Hors classe.mp3  2:35 min
Doudou.mp3  1:59 min
Soucougnan.mp3  3:56 min
Wonderful.mp3  3:39 min
A song for people in love.mp3  4:30 min
Message.mp3  3:52 min
Soucougnan (Version Instrumentale).mp3  0:41 min...

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