Spectre Music Of An Antiquary

Spectre Music Of An Antiquary by Emit

Spectre Music Of An Antiquary mp3 album by Emit

Runtime: 39:36
Label: English Herbalist Records
Download: Spectre Music Of An Antiquary
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Track List:

Haunter Of Benighted English Summers.mp3  1:36 min
Mors Wher Devels Are Abrod.mp3  4:19 min
The Dusk Gardens Of Translucent Mansions.mp3  3:56 min
Shades Over The Mere.mp3  4:23 min
Trees Once Adornd With Severed Heads.mp3  4:57 min
Sylvan Old Enchanter.mp3  3:53 min
The Meadow Reapers (A Field Recording).mp3  3:54 min
Emanations From Beneath Far Hills Beyond Far Moons.mp3  12:38 min...

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