Abacus by Theta Naught

Abacus mp3 album by Theta Naught

Released: August 17, 2004
Runtime: 1:16:08
Label: Edens Watchtower Records
Download: Abacus
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Track List:

Ignition Switch.mp3  9:05 min
Protector From the Sea.mp3  6:37 min
Americas Greatest President.mp3  10:01 min
Phrosthetic Synthysys Wyth Butterflie.mp3  9:32 min
Fibonaccis Pi.mp3  7:37 min
Golden Ratio.mp3  5:49 min
White Island.mp3  10:02 min
Morphologically Motivated Deviations.mp3  6:12 min
Algernon.mp3  4:20 min
Indian Princess.mp3  6:53 min...

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