Injustice & Queen

Injustice & Queen by Funke and The Two Tone Baby

Injustice & Queen mp3 album by Funke and The Two Tone Baby

Released: February 27, 2012
Runtime: 24:51
Label: Funke and the Two Tone Baby
Download: Injustice & Queen
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Track List:

Ceciles Song (Funke and The Two Tone Baby).mp3  3:59 min
Ghosts (Funke and The Two Tone Baby).mp3  3:56 min
All Of Me (Funke and The Two Tone Baby).mp3  3:28 min
Ready, Ready (Funke and The Two Tone Baby).mp3  4:12 min
Lead Balloons (Funke and The Two Tone Baby).mp3  4:21 min
Tomorrow Brings A Better Day (Funke and the Two Tone Baby feat. The Bubbleband).mp3  4:55 min...

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