Peter NeroS Greatest Hits

Peter NeroS Greatest Hits by Peter Nero

Peter NeroS Greatest Hits mp3 album by Peter Nero

Released: April 7, 1987
Runtime: 31:35
Label: Columbia
Download: Peter NeroS Greatest Hits
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Track List:

Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet (A Time For Us) (Peter Nero).mp3  2:58 min
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Peter Nero).mp3  3:31 min
The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) (Peter Nero).mp3  4:29 min
For Once In My Life (Single Version) (Peter Nero; Arranged & conducted by Claus Ogerman).mp3  2:25 min
Theme From Summer Of 42 (Peter Nero).mp3  2:53 min
Theme From Love Story (Peter Nero).mp3  2:36 min
Ive Gotta Be Me (Peter Nero).mp3  2:24 min
Youve Got A Friend (Peter Nero).mp3  4:13 min
Something (Peter Nero).mp3  2:43 min
Love Theme From The Godfather (Peter Nero).mp3  3:23 min...

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