Absolute OBrien

Absolute OBrien by Richard OBrien

Absolute OBrien mp3 album by Richard OBrien

Released: June, 1999
Runtime: 45:22
Label: ZTT Records Ltd
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Track List:

Incubus Of Love.mp3  6:50 min
Its Up To You.mp3  4:11 min
Aint That To Die For.mp3  2:56 min
Fixation.mp3  4:18 min
The Dance Of Love.mp3  3:04 min
One Hundred Dollars An Hour.mp3  4:01 min
Rhythm Of The Heartbeat.mp3  4:04 min
Ive Been There Before.mp3  3:53 min
Running With The Noisy Boys.mp3  3:27 min
I Will Always Hold You In My Heart.mp3  3:19 min
Angel In Me.mp3  5:19 min...

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