O Night Divine

O Night Divine by LAng

O Night Divine mp3 album by LAng

Released: November 28, 2008
Runtime: 38:12
Label: Cajunrecords.Com
Download: O Night Divine
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Track List:

What Child Is This.mp3  3:44 min
O Come O Come Emmanuel.mp3  4:09 min
O Christmas Tree.mp3  3:15 min
The First Noel.mp3  3:49 min
O Holy Night.mp3  4:15 min
Away in a Manger.mp3  2:43 min
A Child Is Born.mp3  4:46 min
O Little Town of Bethlehem.mp3  3:38 min
Ave Maria.mp3  4:05 min
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.mp3  3:48 min...

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