Bassics: The Best Of The Ray Brown Trio (1977-2000)

Bassics: The Best Of The Ray Brown Trio (1977-2000) by Ray Brown

Bassics: The Best Of The Ray Brown Trio (1977-2000) mp3 album by Ray Brown

Released: October 24, 2006
Runtime: 2:17:20
Label: Concord Records
Download: Bassics: The Best Of The Ray Brown Trio (1977-2000)
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Track List:

Sister Sadie (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  4:56 min
Blue Bossa (Live) (Ray Brown).mp3  5:03 min
Exactly Like You (Album Version) (Ray Brown Trio).mp3  5:45 min
Mistreated But Undefeated Blues (Alternate Take) (Ray Brown).mp3  4:15 min
Have You Met Miss Jones? (Live) (Ray Brown Trio).mp3  4:19 min
Thats All (Live) (Ray Brown).mp3  6:04 min
Rio (Live) (Ray Brown Trio).mp3  7:01 min
Summertime (Album Version) (Gene Harris).mp3  7:09 min
Buhaina Buhaina (Live) (Ray Brown).mp3  5:48 min
The Real Blues (Live) (Ray Brown).mp3  7:42 min
Bye Bye Blackbird (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  6:41 min
Gumbo Hump (Instrumental) (Ray Brown).mp3  4:06 min
Phineas Can Be (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  6:05 min
Dont Get Sassy (Ray Brown).mp3  5:45 min
Seven Steps To Heaven (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  4:06 min
Port Of Rico (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  6:14 min
Youre My Everything (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  4:28 min
Freddie Freeloader (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  7:07 min
Its Only A Paper Moon (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  7:47 min
Cherokee (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  6:17 min
Caravan (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  5:39 min
Goodbye (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  7:55 min
I Want To Be Happy (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  3:32 min
Lined With A Groove (Album Version) (Ray Brown).mp3  3:36 min...

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