Texas Alexander Vol. 2 (1928-1930)

Texas Alexander Vol. 2 (1928-1930) by Texas Alexander

Texas Alexander Vol. 2 (1928-1930) mp3 album by Texas Alexander

Released: 1991
Runtime: 1:12:28
Label: Document Records
Download: Texas Alexander Vol. 2 (1928-1930)
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Track List:

Penitentiary Moan Blues.mp3  3:09 min
Blue Devil Blues.mp3  3:23 min
Tell Me Woman Blues.mp3  2:58 min
Frisco Train Blues.mp3  2:57 min
St. Louis Fair Blues.mp3  2:57 min
I Am Calling Blues.mp3  3:07 min
Double Crossing Blues.mp3  3:13 min
Ninety-Eight Degree Blues (Take A).mp3  3:15 min
Ninety-Eight Degree Blues (Take B).mp3  2:59 min
Someday, Baby, Your Troubles Is Gonna Be Like Mine.mp3  3:13 min
Water Bound Blues.mp3  3:22 min
Awful Moaning Blues - Part 1.mp3  3:21 min
Awful Moaning Blues - Part 2.mp3  3:05 min
Gold Tooth Blues.mp3  2:58 min
Johnny Behrens Blues.mp3  3:04 min
Rolling Mill Blues.mp3  3:10 min
Broken Yo Yo.mp3  3:05 min
Texas Special.mp3  3:14 min
When You Get To Thinking.mp3  2:48 min
Thirty Day Blues.mp3  3:08 min
Peaceful Blues.mp3  3:07 min
Days Is Lonesome.mp3  3:33 min
Seen Better Days.mp3  3:22 min...

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