King Kobra

King Kobra by King Kobra

King Kobra mp3 album by King Kobra

Released: April 15, 2011
Runtime: 51:53
Label: Frontiers Records
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Track List:

Rock This House.mp3  4:32 min
Turn Up The Good Times.mp3  4:40 min
Live Forever.mp3  4:20 min
Tear Down The Walls.mp3  3:54 min
This Is How We Roll.mp3  3:41 min
Midnight Woman.mp3  4:14 min
We Got A Fever.mp3  4:02 min
Top Of The World.mp3  4:09 min
You Make It Easy.mp3  4:39 min
Cryin Turns To Rain.mp3  4:19 min
Screamin For More.mp3  4:37 min
Fade Away.mp3  4:46 min...

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