The Sam Kinison Family Entertainment Hour [Explicit]

The Sam Kinison Family Entertainment Hour [Explicit] by Sam Kinison

The Sam Kinison Family Entertainment Hour [Explicit] mp3 album by Sam Kinison

Released: May 18, 1993
Runtime: 38:02
Label: Geneon Entertainment
Download: The Sam Kinison Family Entertainment Hour [Explicit]
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Track List:

Rap Music [Explicit].mp3  3:15 min
Controversy [Explicit].mp3  3:13 min
Cocaine [Explicit].mp3  2:26 min
Partying [Explicit].mp3  2:01 min
Crash [Explicit].mp3  3:33 min
Women [Explicit].mp3  3:31 min
BJs [Explicit].mp3  3:10 min
Cable TV [Explicit].mp3  3:48 min
Infomercial [Explicit].mp3  2:30 min
Richard Simmons [Explicit].mp3  4:23 min
Audience Q&A [Explicit].mp3  6:12 min...

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