Elsewhere by Scott Matthews

Elsewhere mp3 album by Scott Matthews

Released: October 4, 2011
Runtime: 52:14
Label: Universal
Download: Elsewhere
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Track List:

Underlying Lies.mp3  5:25 min
Jagged Melody.mp3  4:14 min
Suddenly You Figure Out.mp3  4:47 min
Fractured.mp3  4:02 min
12 Harps.mp3  5:01 min
Speeding Slowly.mp3  4:02 min
Into The Firing Line.mp3  3:42 min
Up On The Hill.mp3  5:35 min
Elsewhere.mp3  5:00 min
Fades In Vain.mp3  7:02 min
Nothings Quite Right Here.mp3  3:24 min...

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