Giallo / Antifatto [Explicit]

Giallo / Antifatto [Explicit] by Impetigo

Giallo / Antifatto [Explicit] mp3 album by Impetigo

Runtime: 31:43
Label: Friendly Fire Distro
Download: Giallo / Antifatto [Explicit]
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Track List:

Intro / Jane Fonda Sucks / Whos Fucking Who? [Explicit].mp3  3:44 min
Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster from Hell.mp3  4:02 min
Dear Uncle Creepy.mp3  1:33 min
Venereal Warts.mp3  0:04 min
Heart of Illinois.mp3  0:56 min
Revenge of the Scabbyman.mp3  3:00 min
My Lai.mp3  1:16 min
Venereal Warts (Extended).mp3  4:44 min
Bad Dreams.mp3  1:58 min
Harbinger of Death / Outro.mp3  3:02 min
Boneyard.mp3  2:27 min
Cannibal Apocalypse.mp3  4:57 min...

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