The Science of Mind

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

The Science of Mind mp3 album by Ernest Holmes

Released: November 17, 2010
Runtime: 9:50:51
Label: BN Publishing
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Track List:

Intro-forword.mp3  4:35 min
Part 1.mp3  21:31 min
Part 2 - Lesson 1.mp3  1:23:40 min
Part 2 - Lesson 2.mp3  1:23:31 min
Part 2 - Lesson 3.mp3  1:23:14 min
Part 2 - Lesson 4.mp3  58:54 min
Part 2 - Lesson 5.mp3  38:32 min
Part 2 - Lesson 6.mp3  1:30:00 min
Part 3.mp3  59:17 min
Part 4.mp3  1:07:37 min...

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