A Story About You And Me

A Story About You And Me by Trisha Gagnon

A Story About You And Me mp3 album by Trisha Gagnon

Released: September 21, 2010
Runtime: 51:34
Label: Jam n Music
Download: A Story About You And Me
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Track List:

A Story About You And Me.mp3  4:42 min
A Parents Prayer.mp3  4:08 min
On My Way To You (Feat. Vince Gill).mp3  4:52 min
Farewell (Feat. Peter Rowan).mp3  4:30 min
All I Want To Do.mp3  3:36 min
The River Of Life.mp3  4:37 min
My Grandparents House (Feat. Kathy Kallick).mp3  4:21 min
Hummingbird (Feat. Laurie Lewis).mp3  3:14 min
The Legend Of The Ghost Rider.mp3  4:51 min
Deeper In Love (Feat. Jim Nunally).mp3  2:43 min
When Am I Gonna Get Over You (Feat. Shaun Cromwell).mp3  3:58 min
Hes Here With Me.mp3  6:02 min...

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