Paadraa The Magnificant Land

Paadraa The Magnificant Land by Farshid Shokri

Paadraa The Magnificant Land mp3 album by Farshid Shokri

Released: June 7, 2010
Runtime: 52:21
Label: independent artists
Download: Paadraa The Magnificant Land
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Track List:

Jooybar e Noor.mp3  5:06 min
Jooybar Sot.mp3  4:42 min
Afarinesh.mp3  5:42 min
Charkheh Hasti.mp3  8:28 min
Zoosha.mp3  6:04 min
Zikar.mp3  6:16 min
Shokuh e Parsi.mp3  5:44 min
Moraghebeh.mp3  10:19 min...

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Collapse Live at Double Door 05/09/2004
IV Play (Explicit Deluxe Version)